Saturday, December 8, 2007


This may be a regular theme in posts to come. I'm now writing the copy for the website.

Even though I have a great team building the website, the reality is that I'm the only person who can provide all the content and write all the copy. At the moment. That's ok though because I kind of like it. But it's also very hard work getting inspirational and getting in the "zone", and it's also very time consuming. Project Woman and Dan (now my kind of mentor) have both said - go to other websites and get ideas for copy from these pages - I've tried this approach and not only did it make more work (rewriting it into my words) but it kind of didn't feel right. Kind of like I was copying.

And besides one of my very bestest friends is a patent attorney/trademark guru, amongst many other talents which I love her for. AND she has a Very Important Lawyer Husband who is particularly smart in the world of intellectual property stuff. And they simply would not let me do this. So I'm not even going to start. I'm slogging it out doing the hard yards, but I can live with myself. And like I say, it's kind of fun.

Slow but fun.

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