About me

My name is Lisa and I'm a kiwi who reluctantly shifted to Australia over 5 years ago but now I can't imagine living anywhere else! I'm a mum to 3 young boys, happily married to the love of my life, and a former corporate banking junkie, who one day had a watershed moment when I realised that the only part of my job that I truly loved was the writing part.

I spend my days now freelance writing and have been lucky enough to be surrounded by a network of crazy successful writers, who've been so generous and encouraging of my writing.

Since turning (ahem) 40, I'm on a personal quest to live life loud and to be the fittest and the most fabulous 40+ year old I possibly can be.  In 2012 I'm running a marathon followed 6 days later with an extreme Tough Mudder adventure race.  And seriously I'm not an athlete but it's all about having the right "can do" attitude.  Because life's too short to not be living the best life you possibly can be.