Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have just had a great morning working - finally! And all courtesy of 14 year old Keith from next door. He was so awesome that Rafe cried when he left - he had energy, he did fun things with the kids, he looked out for them and he even gave Will some of his old Pokeman cards.

Short term solution only though! So how can I get more hours in my week - I've gone back to the drawing board on the nanny front after Elise from last year gave in her notice due to uni hours etc (or maybe it was coz of my kids?). I have Smith in an occasional year place which works along the lines that you ring up at say Monday 8.30am for the following Monday - sounds very stressful and extremely unreliable (8.30am is never the calmest time of day for me, or one where I can sit with my phone on redial).

But I need a top up.

So I've advertised for a "mothers help" - in the hope that maybe I wouldn't have to pay $20AUD an hour again. No replies.

Tried "Mothers help/Nanny". One reply from a Brazillian in Coogeee - other side of the bridge, a good 60 mins drive away....and brazillian, thinking gorgeous, tanned, flowly long hair and one of those bikinis that i've never been able to wear

Tried Nanny - got a 35 year old chef who said she'd drop from $25 to $20 per hour as long as she could bring her 3 year old with her, and it was cash.

What should I do? I'm bringing in no cash and as The Husband has repeatedly pointed out - "we need to reign in our spending". There are no other day care options for Smith. Would you employ someone with a child (who could actually play with my kids) or is my sample of 2 replies to small to call it yet?


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  1. Definitely no to the Brazillian. But yes to the chef - you may be able to strike "feed my children less crap" off your list at the same time. Just have to look it as a living expense - like buying books on e-bay to replace lost library books.