Monday, April 14, 2008

To start...

I knew I was in trouble when we all picked our bags off the conveyor belt. The Husband and I both had one small bag each (new and finally with wheels and a handle) and everyone else, well, had lots of bags, even makeup bags on wheels, and The Husbands boss's wife even had what she called her jewellery bag.

I had a revelation. I had packed like a backpacker. T-shirts were rolled up inside shoes, with the intention of being recycled many times, everything had a purpose and had been packed with strategy and economy.

I then had a second revelation which I shared with The Husband..."I haven't brought enough clothes with me..I need more...stuff!" After months of careful planning, I fell off the wagon in a haze of panic. Random clothes items raged through my head..."". One thing was clear to me though, I needed walking shoes. The little slip on covered toe shoes I'd brought especially, were uncomfortable even on our flight (and I'd been wearing the flight socks for most of the trip too), how were they going to get me down Table Mountain or cope on the safaris.

And that started what can only be described as a shoe shopping blowout, hitting rock bottom with a purchase of two pairs of blingy, uncomfortable, ridiculously high heels when on a spree with The Husbands boss's wife (the one with the jewellery bag), who MADE me buy them. Actually she did, "Lisa you MUST get these divine shoes), she has a passion for blingy, uncomfortable, ridiculously high heels and looks great in them! I think I brought 7 pairs all up, and this is from someone as you know who lives in jandals (spring/summer/autumn transition) and trainers (autumn/winter).

What was I thinking?

I know now for a fact that a $40 pair of shoes will still be cheap and uncomfotable regardless of what continent I buy them on, unless they are Havianas of course!

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