Thursday, May 8, 2008


There have been a couple of differences that have stood out between Australia and NZ. Banana bread is a staple of Sydney cafes - usually toasted, about $5 and always on the menu, even at the skanky carwash place I went to yesterday, I saw a woman order some toasted banana bread with her capuccino "free with every superwash".

Petrol pumps are another - often they are out of order or out of petrol and you can't click "fill" and hold your pump, you actually have to hold it down until it's filled, there is no "fill" option. I know a small gripe, but you try holding your pump thingee down for 65 litres.
And cupcakes. In NZ, I guess the equivalent is a muffin, but in Australia, cupcakes are everywhere, you take them to school for your kids birthday instead of a Betty Crocker chocolate cake, you go to the bakery and there are no healthy, stodgy, fibre laden bran muffins, but rather bright yellow cakes with fluoro pink icing and "smarties" on top.

And Smith is becoming a wee fair dinkum aussie - we walked into the bakery today and he ran straight to the counter with a "cupcake mama, cupcake".

But we always buy Watties Baked Beans.
And yes they are very small gripes and worth putting up with to enjoy this gorgeous city! Check out this autumn day at the beach!
Actually what you can't see in the photo (and what The Husband also claimed not to see) were the topless women sunbathing, one was about 50, the other wearing just a smidge of a thong.....

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