Monday, May 12, 2008

Work stuff

Why is it when I talk about work stuff I always seem to be moaning! This post is no different.
So finally a long awaited phonecall with the big cheese for the web development company who had taken my project under his wing to make it a roaring success. He obviously doesn't look under his wing often as he's been doing a big fat nothing on my project. So during this call as he was faffing, making excuses and other stuff that just annoyed me, I had this revelation - this project is mine, and no, no, no, I've had enough. No Big Cheese, I want all that other stuff that I have agonised over back in my website please, and no Big Cheese, I am not happy not knowing who to talk to regarding my business that I have already paid for - is it Discount Dan the slick salesman who pulled me in?, is it Ineffectual Project Manager - who made me write screeds of (brilliant) copy that Big Cheese seems to have discarded, is it Receptionist Chick who sent me crap last week, or is it in fact you Big Cheese? Who is my main man?
Apathy seems to have settled down on me and them, now it's time to blow that off and get cracking. Having had the wisdom and mentorship of Sir Bob Geldolf at The Husbands Conference, he said to me (and 1000 others) that it won't happen until you COMMITT to it happening and totally go for it. Well Big Cheese, guess what I'm doing. I'm going for it and I expect you to do the same.

So all is good, new proofs coming this week, and the government working group is now taking interest and asking me some scary questions - the horse and cart are both moving quickly.


  1. Do you think 'Big Cheese' reads this blog?? I like it when you get angry..... kx