Monday, June 30, 2008

I don't embarass easily...

Saturday morning I had to do a quick dash to the local pharmacist for one of those need-to-be-at-the-pharamacist-as-soon-as-it-opens situations.
A womans problem.
I know that the women amongst you will have had similar experiences so you'll be sympathetic to my situation.

So I explained my "problem" to the shop assistant chick who went and described it to the (elderly male) pharmacist who came back over to me and recounted my problem back to me. Yup, that's what I had. Now what have they got for it. The pharmacist wandered over to the shelves and got a tube of something, then went back to the counter and started to describe the ...ahem, "application", in freakin graphic and slow detail. I started to panic a little and smile a little as I realised the situation I had got myself into. I had gone to the shop first thing, mainly because I desperately needed to, but also because I thought there would be no one else in the shop. Well there wasn't when I started.

By this stage there was two people waiting in this small pharmacy, a father and his child wanting some panedol, and butcher. Nooooooooooo, someone who knows me, and worse, someone who was young, male and one of my only friends when I first got here. Of course I started trying to hurry this infinitely long process along, and I also started to laugh a little as I was slightly mortified. The pharmacist started to chuckle too, saying, yes it can be a bit tricky getting it up there.

Someone wake me up from this bad dream.

I am definitely not going back to that pharmacist and am contemplating changing butchers too, as he now knows far too much about me.

I laughed all the way home.


  1. ha ha ha - that made me laugh a lot this morning. Which I badly need as I went to the hairdresser yesterday to get a nice warm coppery colour through my hair. Came out with a dark burgundy colour - aagh! Hate it! To make it worse am heading out to a client for a meeting with 50 of their staff who I have never met before and I look like some strange woman with purple-ish hair, help.....

  2. You always look gorgeous babe, why not wear that orange fluffy jersey thing and the visual blending of burgandy and orange may give the illusion of caramel. Besides those people you're presenting too will be uber impressed that someone with hair THAT colour can be so clever. It's all how you wear it babe. Says me, who is freaking out that my darker shade of mouse brown I just had done is too dark!