Monday, June 9, 2008

Work Stuff

So finally last week the Big Cheese and I connected and had a bit of a head to head on my project, lack of progress and general lets get moving again blah, blah, blah. Very timely as The Husband had a bit of a "what are you actually doing with this business" chat with me, which I guess had been a bit overdue (and I'm very VERY grateful for your tolerance, if you're reading this babe). Anyhow mid-conversation, the Cheese's mobile went, and he rudely answered it (well I thought there was some kind of etiquette for answering mobiles when on another call?), and I had to have a wee chuckle, when he spun the same line about "sorry for being late Bruce" and "I'll get something to Bruce by Tuesday", and "oh, sorry you are Bruce, I meant yes Bruce I'll get something back to Steve by Tuesday". At least he gets my name right when he makes his apology calls. Maybe he should figure out the mute button on his phone.." Anyhow, new website format delivered yesterday, time to get rolling again.

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