Thursday, July 10, 2008

School Hols

I have a rare moment almost on my own, the house is messy but quiet. I need to work, my new website layout is here, and I'm on a deadline to finishing at the end of July. But I'll just take a moment to post a wee post because if nothing else, I've really missed just writing....I love to write!
Yesterday, we stumbled across a science camp just perfect for Will, so packed him and his friend Tatum away for the day - one child and $60 down but giving them the chance to do something fun and educational! Feeling the two other wee guys don't get to do as much fun stuff I booked them in to a Playschool show. If you know me you'll be probably working through the logisitcs for me, but then you'll have worked out that I wouldn't be doing it unless it was logisitically easy. Which it was. So 10 mins before the doors opened the boys and I got out of the car at the RSL where the show was and slightly pushed our way near the start of the queue to secure our seat. There was a kids space on the floor and a slightly elevated seated area. I put Rafe and Smith on the ground and got a seat for myself (which was also the backup plan for when they got bored), I could see them perfectly and they sat there happily waiting with Rafe taking on the role of supervisor to Smith.
Then along came a large woman with a big kappochi baby backpack (you know the kind that parents carry with their first born that has a change of nappies, change of clothes, food, toys, drinks, warm blanket stuffed into it - Sheree I'm specifically thinking about your winnie the pooh one that you used to make Pete carry - that man was a saint). Anyhow backpack lady decided to sit down right in front of Smith. Do you think she didn't notice him, didn't care or just wanted his great view? Now Smith has developed a temper, if it wasn't a bit serious we'd think it was cute, but frankly someone's going to get hurt one day (not including his brothers and mother who have already) and when he gets annoyed, angry or sad, he throws things.
There I've owned up to it. But he doesn't bite, and noone wants a biter!
So as I could see a situation brewing I quickly made my way to him just in time to see him throw his largely uneaten apple into the crowd. And I had to laugh when I heard someone in the distance say "ooh, where did that apple come from?". But the backpack lady still didn't register her blocking my baby boys view in his first ever show, nor the near miss of an apple thrown hard at short range.
Relieved, I shuffled the boys along a smidge and the drama was over.
But when I told Will and The Husband later, we all had a chuckle as we know how accurate he can be with his throws - perhaps she got off with a warning.

The show was a hit and my boys were otherwise angels.

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