Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wildlife #4 - The Moth

There is no reason ever that a moth should be in your pantry. So when one flew out a week or so ago, in denial I made excuses for it - ie it accidently flew into my pantry when trying to find the extremely bright light, even though there is no light inside my pantry at all. I called my friend Caroline and instead of the expected "it will be nothing", having had her own brush with moths in the pantry, she just hmmmed and suggested I keep a close eye for further visitors. Which I had none of. Until tonight. Pouring my pasta into the pot of boiling water I noticed all the black bits floating around. "Just bits of burnt rice pot" I thought - The Husband had almost destroyed one of my 3 pots when boiling rice one night a month or so ago and we've been slowly boiling off the bits of burnt every time we use it. But these bits of black were moving. As if they were dying a slow death-by-boiling water. Which they were. I looked at the packet I had just poured the pasta from.
It was seething.

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