Thursday, February 19, 2009


This post is long overdue.
There are many positives about living in Australia compared with NZ and there are also a few downsides. I try not to compare, as like my children, "I love them both the same but for different reasons".

However..... sushi. There is no comparison. Unless of course going to a swish, expensive sushi restaurant like Sushi E, or an authentic japanese restaurant, or a sushi train, there I'm sure they are parable. However...if you're at the mall and you just want to pick up some run of the mill sushi, instead of eating the crusts of the kids sandwiches for a change, then you run into trouble in Australia. In NZ, even the "bad" sushi places in the mall like Saint Pierres, blows the Aussie equivalents out of the water. Australia does sushi "logs". They are called "rolls", but I believe the only way to describe something that is solid, round, cold, tasteless, did I mention solid, is a "log".(pictured) And yes I know I could saw through, sorry I mean slice, the logs into small sushi rounds (pictured), but that still doesn't remove the solid, cold, tasteless components of the sushi. It just doesn't look so much like a log. And the ginger? Isn't blimmin ginger grown in Australia? If so then why import salty, weird tasting ginger that looks like it's been in a dusty box behind a stack of other dusty boxes in one of those asian supermarkets in a dodgey back street. I don't do ginger anymore. And it used to be my favourite part of eating sushi.
Vent. So every now and again, the desire for sushi gets the better of my common sense and I get some, only to be rudely reminded of why I don't eat mall sushi in Australia. In fact there is a vile sushi joint in the mall that is so offensive that not only once did my clever friend Kristin return her sushi (and get her money back) because the salmon just didn't taste right but Will now knows to say "don't do it Mum" if I'm ever seen veering on in the direction of a tuna or chicken teriyaki roll there. So today I was in a different set of shops with a authentic looking japanese sushi place, so I succumbed and bought some.
Verdict: "don't do it Mum"

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