Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Awkward Conversations

Ok, so I'm sick and I'm kind of in la-la land deaf in one ear and with a nose chockka block full of gicky stuff. So I'm standing in the local bakery, trying to decide whether the boys should have grain or white bread (a very hard decision I know), when a voice behind me said "hello?'. It was Will's old soccer coach from two years ago, an absolutely lovely man and a minister at the local church. And what happened after that was the oddest conversation created by me when struggling to think of what to say after we had done the "how's the family" topic, I shot us in the direction of "doesn't this bakery have lovely stuff now?" - I mean where did that come from and where does it go apart from "yes"? He was obviously embarrassed for me/us that he redirected us back onto a normal, safe path, asking if Will was playing soccer this year. I croaked a response and dashed away with my bread to the safety of my car and tissue box. I've never been good at small talk and that was a timely reminder of why.

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  1. but just imagine the conversations you could have with you and the soccer coach and the dad from next door?