Sunday, March 29, 2009


So where have I been and what have I been doing? I know I've been quiet lately, I hope you're still sticking around. I've been going through a little phase where not much has been happening. I means heaps has been happening but not much that's slightly amusing or interesting to you guys, maybe I've lost my mojo a bit, and feeling a tad uninteresting. I can't get my normal twist on things happening. Maybe it's because my head is completely STUFFED UP and full of cold/sinus/ear infection that has made me into a snotty, croaky deaf person for the last 10 days! I repeat 10 days!!! I try and carry on like I'm ok, but really I feel like I've been swimming and the waters still in my ears and needs to be shaken out, and I'm kind of la la and ever so slightly off balance. Doctor? Yes, tomorrow was the first appointment other than waiting in a dodgey after hours rooms for (last time I rang the wait time was "at least an hour" which means double it). In fact, my next business venture might be introducing the NZ After Hours doctor service to Australia, with my favourite model being the Ascot, Greenlane version where I never had to wait long, everyone was pleasant, the toy area was semi clean and best of all it was only 5 mins from home. Last time I was at the After Hours in Sydney with Will at 9.30pm one school night, after an hour and a half and everyone going through apart from us, I said to Will "we're up next" and made us both stand by the receptionist person who was calling out who's in next, who I told "we're going in next ok!". Will gave me a slightly embarrassed/relieved "mum?" and sure enough we were in next.
So that's me! I've had the in-laws staying ( I won't break my rule about blogging about family members, The Sister and my deceased mum excluded), I'm training for the Oxfam 100km walk in August (more on that later), I'm signing up for some writing courses, and The Husband and I are planning a get away for a week early May, although plans to go to Vietnam may be gone as of 10 mins ago when we realised we needed visas, all very well but for that we need a current passport, which The Husband hasn't got.
So I'm here, just still feeling a tad blah to be even slightly entertaining. Thanks for sticking by me :-)


  1. How many bloody people read your blog ????
    And to put you straight - the sister, father & deceased mother ARE off limits.

  2. Well I guess I still have one reader. Chill sister, it's just my friends and I'd never put anything juicy in about us as I'd be implicating myself at the same time. But point taken. The Sister, Father and Mother are officially off limits.

  3. Wow with all these people off limits, what are you going to write about? The poor boys....

  4. ...although they may send me grumpy comments too...I guess I'll just have to talk about my fall back - good old Australian "Wildlife"