Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movie Night

Last weekend The Husband was in NZ for a night for his grandma's 90th birthday. The boys and I had an awesome day chilling at home, quietly playing, swimming and basically doing nothing, not even arguing. Will had a friend over, they swam and played lego quietly and peacefully, Rafe and Smith played quietly and peacefully together, we rode scooters to the park, ordered pizza and watched a kids movies together. All in all a lovely quiet and peaceful day. For me the evening was going to carry along a similar vein with a combination of crap food, crap TV, crap websites then bed. However..... around bath time the boys were mucking around outside chatting to the wee kids next door, the Neighbour chatted to me, he too was doing a solo parent weekend while his wife who I'm good friends with, was away. Conversation went something like this...

Me: What are you doing tonight? Watching some rugby?
Him: Naah, there's none on, I'm going to watch a movie on Foxtel
Me: Hey, me too, what are you watching?
Him: I'm thinking "Taken"
Me: Hey me too, we should watch it together...

Gad!!!!! What did I say that for??? Where did those words come from and why?

Him: That would be great, when should I come over?

Sheesh, so quiet/peaceful went out the door as I ran around like a crazy woman, getting rid of the wet togs, putting on a male neighbour appropriate outfit that wasn't my pj's as orginally planned, tidying up the house, getting nibblies out etc... And at 8pm the doorbell went and there was the Neighbour, with a bottle of wine.
We watched the movie, awkwardly. After the first glass, the awkwardness had gone a bit, and after the second, well we had a fine old semi relaxed time.
Just not the night I had planned and looked forward to for weeks.
When The Husband got home the next day, I told him about our movie night and how it was a bit awkward. The Husbands response..."why was it awkward?"
He got me there.

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