Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Man With The Hooh

I promised not to make fun of other peoples misfortunes, and I stand by that, however this little story could potentially fit into this category. I'll walk a fine line. And I apologise.

During our Camping Weekend That Wasn't Really A Camping Weekend, we had dinner out at a pizza restaurant. It was popular and crowded and we settled in for our meal. A little bit into the meal I noticed a man behind us had a cough. It was a cough that sounded like a loud "hooh", and was one of those random coughs that gives you a small fright every time you hear it. It sorted sounded like he had something lodged in his throat that he was trying to unwedge. Once I noticed it, that's when my problems started. Because now that I knew it was happening I kept waiting for it. I think it was one of those noises that you make without knowing it. (ok, I know this is dodgey, but how incredibly unlikely that the man will ever EVER read this blog and then relate it back to himself)
So I sat there waiting for it, sure enough "HOOH", maybe every 4-5 minutes "HOOH". I had a wee laugh to myself that started to get on the potentially manic side. "HOOH". Geez, this was going to be a long dinner.
And then Rafe noticed it. But instead of keeping his head straight ahead with laughter semi successfully suppressed, every time there was a HOOH, Rafe would whip his head around to stare at the man. Every time. I told him to stop it, but this was a busy restaurant and our seats were very close to this table, Rafe asked "why is that man making that noise? HOOH. Gad. I've never been a good one for not laughing at totally inappropriate times, I started to laugh. Rafe's like "What's funny mum?" HOOH

There was no where for this scenario to go apart from finish the wine, get the bill and get out of there.

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