Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A brief reprieve

We're thick in the school holidays at the moment - read; full on children filled days, fighting the ever present battle against the 8 year old and electrical equipment ie. Nintendo DS, TV, computers, playing dinosaurs, cars, sometimes at the same time. Also read: no breaks. At all.
So in a fit of killing two birds with one stone, the boys and I took a ferry trip to the city to meet with The Husband, take the boys into his office, have a bit of an adventure, and for me to swap a team shirt for our Oxfam event at a shop in the heart of the city. So I put my semi dressed up clothes on and feel ok'ish. All is good. The Husband was incredibly helpful and suggested that instead of walking the boys about 10 blocks to the shop, he'd take them back to the office so I could do it on my own. Lunch time, Sydney is an exciting place for those of us who live in suburbia. Lots of tailored suits, pencil skirts, black rimmed glasses, straightened hair and stilletos. And me, feeling that even though I am wearing none of the above I cut my own unique style with no evidence of mum-dom at all. I am me, I am no longer just a mum, I am walking through the city in a busy lunch hour looking like I have somewhere to go, looking like everyone else. And then it happened.
A young, stylish man approached me and asked where I got my hair done, I ran my hand through my half straightend, half mad curly, dreadmopped hair and said I did it myself, he then said he was from a "5 Star" salon and would I be interested in having a "massively discounted hair styling" at this "5 Star salon", still feeling confident and gorgeous, I glibbed that I'd just left my children with my husband so I could get to a shop and didn't have time. He smiled and called out "Go Mum!!!" as I strided off. A little less confidently.
Did I not lie and say i had an extremely important meeting i needed to get to that I was chairing
Did he ask me if I needed my hair done...was my half straightened/half mad hair look particularly in need of "massively discounted styling"
I was instantly a mum again.

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