Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Year Of Self Improvement

Gulp. Ok here goes. Goddamit, I'm making a commitment and it's a big one for me to actually sign up for something and then do it. I'm a great "talker" and a crap "doer".

Remember Flora, my fabulous Brazilian nanny who was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside? Not only was she a gorgeous nanny and friend but with her 22 years she brought many pearls of wisdom to my life.

She had a boyfriend, a lovely English "lager lout" who was a diamond geezer if ever you met one, his Facebook page was littered with "F*** you , you c***s" to all his mates and lots of pictures of bottle blonde bimbos. (No offence intended Flora, I'm just calling it as I saw it). We all wondered "what is she doing with him?", she was sweet and gentle and wise beyond her years. However, I've been judged in my life and I had no intention of doing this to her. But once in a reflective moment, she talked of how he was rotting his life and his brain which he never used, watching back to back episodes of The Simpsons challenged him, he was happy but was sort of stagnating in his goal-less 23 year old body.

Flora said "you have to use your brain, you have to always be learning, it keeps your brain healthy and will make you live longer".

I bet there are studies on this, and hell, if I was writing a story, they'd be inserted .... here. But I got to keep rolling with this, because I thought to myself, I'm living in Stay-At-Home-Mum-Ville and while I may know loads about Pokemon and dinosaurs and Facebook, and, I'm a smart educated double degree'd type of woman who used to earn pots of cash writing lots of fancy banking stuff, when do I do my learning now? What's going to keep my brain healthy? what's going to keep me interested and interesting?

So I thought...

Why not learn something new every day? And no, I don't mean things I've learnt from my 6 year old's home readers about life cycle of a frog kind of stuff, but my own inspired learning, random and glorious. My own whimsy. Stuff that interests me.

So I commit, that each day from now on, I'll quickly and quietly post whatever my learning for the day might have been, this way it will keep me honest. I may "package" some up if I haven't been around my blog, but I won't make a big song and dance about my learning, unless of course it is so compelling you all must be exposed to it. And of course I'll keep on rambling and blithering as normal, there will just be petals of wisdom dotted amongst them.

Day One starts tomorrow.

This is my journey.


  1. Can't wait - and then I'll be learning too just by reading it!!

  2. I can help you with your geological learnings... :)