Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slummy Mummy

I was watching morning TV the other day when there was a feature on school mums and how they (we) dress. Some mothers spend hundreds of dollars on stylists to get that perfect school-pick-up outfit, and how much more fabulous they feel looking enviously hot in the school yard. And how proud their children are of them. Ahem. I can hear you "yeah right"-ing.

That may be the case for some but I'm guessing for many (non-working) mums the standard "uniform" of shorts/thongs (summer) and trackies/trainers (winter) does everyone just fine, thank you very much. And on the rare occasion you've had a lunch, early work finish or been anywhere that's required you to make more of an effort that the abovementioned "uniform", you're no doubt greeted with a "wow, you look nice" kind of shock, awe from the other school mums.

I have crazy, wild woman hair that once a quarter gets cut and tamed into submission by a blow dry, hair straightners combo, and I turned up to school with this sleek, tidy hair after school one day, and everyone was admiring it. Even the teachers commented about it, which although flattering is a tad worrying that my hair must look so, SO bad the other 249 days of the school year. And at the mere whiff of moisture it will boing back to it's normal frizz, in other words, the do' will last about 15 minutes.

On the other end of the scale from the Yummy Mummy's, were the "Slummy Mummys". Here the story talked about shorts, thongs, trackies, unkempt hair, sloppy jumpers, lack of makeup. Geez it was sounding like an all too familiar description!

So this morning I had my own "slummy mummy" moment. In a quest to complete a thankyou card to our Aussie farmers (nice gesture albeit a smidge odd for a kiwi where NZ farmers are often the most weathiest due to NZ's un-Australian conditions), and find "news" for News day, I found that school was about to start and I was still in my pj's. So taking a hint of a moment to make my pj's more respectable by putting on some underwear, I zoomed the kids to school, telling them I would just be dropping off rather than coming in to school today, thinking I could make a quick getaway.

So I'm at the school gate, putting on sunblock, when a few friends start to congregate. Around me. And my pyjamas. And my bed hair. And my uncleaned teeth.

I think I hit rock bottom this morning.

I'm already planning my school pick up outfit.


  1. surely, if you've got time to whip your pjs off, put underwear on, you could have put shirts and a tshirt on instead!

  2. Fair point. Don't know about you but pj's for me now that my mum doesn't buy me frilly shorty jammies from Farmers, is usually a singlet and undies. So actually I wasn't wearing pyjamas per se, but last nights singlet (with a bra on now), last nights undies and some daggy shorts that were lying on the floor. I reckon this still kind of counts as pj's?

  3. I think I definitely qualify as a slummy mummy. You know my two different shoes story from today. That's gotta win a prize of some kind. Actually, I always knew I was a slummy mummy because I wasn't very stylish BEFORE I had children. Oh and because one of our 'friends' recently told me that I shouldn't try to be trendy because I'm not very good at it. Haha. (I think...)

  4. love love love this! living in Minnesota in the US is a bit different than good old Seaforth. Women here have there daytime pjs and their night time pjs. I still have my school pickup outfits from the good old aussie days.

    Aubrey xoxo

  5. Yeah - but I bet you would have worn a helmet - with your PJ's, with your children perched upon your bike handles!