Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things you wish you'd known

I was in the bathroom this morning and I noticed the old stool that the boys have used over the years to stand on to clean their teeth. The big boys no longer need it but Smith does, just. I remember buying this stool quickly and without much thought one day when Will was about 16 months old from some scabby kind of Warehouse shop for next to nothing. And low and behold, it has featured in my house in all it's cheap, plastic, chipped and bright green glory for the last 8 years. Which makes me think...maybe if I thought through the repercussions of such buys I may have made a different choice and brought a, hmmm, more aesthetically pleasing footstool.
So I thought I'd start a bit of a list of things that you'd wish that you'd known, like if you buy a footstool for the kids, it will be used by all the children for a 8 year period and will be visible to all who enter your bathroom, grotty or not. I may need you're help with your own "things you'd wish you'd known" experiences:

Shoes that are uncomfortable when you buy them will not get more comfortable.

Nits never go away with one treatment. Never.

Your kids chatting to you, even if it is about their new pokeman game, is always more important than what you were about to do.

That if you are on the computer in the morning when there are school lunches to make and uniforms to iron, you will be late.

Jeans never really stretch by half a size that the shop assistant promised you.

That if you get to school early enough you will get a carpark.

That if The Husband says he wants a "quiet night" he doesn't mean sitting watching Brothers and Sisters with you on the couch.

That if you don't chat with your friends every now and again, you will lose touch eventually.

That there is such a thing as too much (insert) chocolate, wine, hot chips.

Any others to add to the list. I've just got started but well, need to get to school for that carpark!


  1. ah yes - when you child is a bit off, its always a good idea to take them to the doctor because it will be tonsilitis, again!

    and - the clothes always look better in the magazines than they do when they come out of their little plastic bag after being delivered to you fast post!

  2. Oh gawd, that's sooo true! The number of things I've sent back because yes, the fabric is crap, and yes, it looks nothing like the photo because they are MODELS not real people with hips and thighs! Love it!

  3. If the colour looks odd in the salon, it will look worse outside and continue to deteriorate. There is no such thing as 'settling' time.

    If it is tight in the shop, it will remain tight. You will not magically loose the weight required to make it fit perfectly - grit your teeth and buy a bigger size in the first place.

  4. LOL! ..and if your fringe looks a little short in the hair salon, well just wait till it dries to see how short it really is. Oh, and kids hairdressers are really only good for kids haircuts, don't be tempted even if they are an 1/8th the price of your normal hairdresser. I attempted that once and ended up with a burnt ear from the straightening tongs and a big old hair rat clinging to my back that a stranger alerted me to. Classy.