Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 14

We had dinner out last night with our friends Kristin and Brian, soon heading to North Carolina to set up a new home.  Kristin's dad is a complete weather nut, which of course I will always appreciate and respect, as I head down that same path myself, and he'd sent Kristin the back of a cereal box that explained all about Hurricanes.  So in between chatting and sips of a lovely spanish sparkling red, during predinner drinks, I had a read.

Hurricanes are named by the World Meteorological Organisation and those that are particularly destructive and have caused widespread death and destruction, are retired.  This is usually done at the request of the country affected by the hurricane as a mark of respect and also to prevent future confusion if that name was to be used again.  Hurricane Katrina is an example of a retired hurricane name. 
No surprise there sadly.

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