Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 17

Ha, I'm loving this, I am learning so much.

So the cynical amongst you (hello Sister!) may be tiring of my new mission and want me to go back to all my normal self effacing stuff I write, and I will be very very soon, but it's the school hols, the in-laws are staying in the same room as the computer and my computer time and thinking time is limited to my self improvement facts for the day. Besides no one has really complained yet and you're learning things too right?.
In NZ I found a radio station (I love listening to the radio) that was all about talkback (and not old nana talkback like how to make a good ruhbarb pie or when to trim your tomatoes) but witty, opinionated talkback.  Come on down Radio Live!  But in Sydney after two and a half years of listening to Kyle and Jackie O for I have absolutely no reason why, I turned back the clock and switched to the AM channels, and there I found it, 2GB.  I've found my way home.
2GB is all about shaking up what's not going right, especially with politics and policy.  I know, you're thinking "yawn" right?  And I know it sounds like it should be, but it's actually bloody interesting and educational.  I can talk for hours about the problems with the bungled insulation scheme, and am currently learning all about the problems with the state funded school improvements.  But one word that all my favourite announcers use regularly and I've stared noticing in the press is "rort".  Some of you may be raising your eye brows like "how could she not know what that means" or "didn't she do 2 years of law at university?", and YES, I kind of do know what it means but did you know this....
"Rort" is a term used in Australia and New Zealand, commonly relating to politics or specifically a financial impropriety relating to a government programme.  The term is also used as a verb to describe the act of defrauding.  It has long been used in New South Wales, predominantly.
How blimmin interesting right!!!

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  1. What me - cynical ??
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