Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 32

The neighbours are building a pool.

The hole has been dug (sorry, drilled), and then a kind of scaffolding has been placed inside the hole.  All the plumbing and stuff has been sorted. And now the question...

How do they concrete the walls? 

If they just pour it in, it will run down and just pool at the bottom.  How do they get it flat against the walls.
And second question; why is this of any interest to anyone?  Well, it's of interest to us, because as I've mentioned before the pool is being dug right beside our house, and as we are slightly higher, the boys have a perfect view of all the proceedings from our house.

For those who haven't tuned out, they SPRAY the concrete onto the walls (collective "aaaaah")

Slow news day right?

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