Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 38

I love it when I hear a new word. 
We've had a fab weekend of massive waves thanks to a big storm down south of Sydney.  I love a big sea, and drive my kids mad by driving to some favourite spots to check out the surf. It's not like I want to be IN the surf, oh no.  I just love the spectacle and adrenaline rush of watching the waves rolling in.  Last week I even took a car of five reluctant boys on a small detour from our drive to swimming lessons to check out the big surf, in the dark.   And this weekend we've been happily big surf chasing. The Husband has been taking the boys on hair raising rock expeditions to get closer to the waves (and before you suck in your breath, it was all safe - "hair raising" is THIS timid mother's definition, thank gawd my boys have a father to stop them turning into Mumsy Woosy Pants like me).
So during the school yard chitchat while waiting for the bell to ring, I was chatting to one of the dads about the weather and discovered another Big Wave Lover.  He said they'd been watching the sea from their house ( lucky sods!) and he thought that the waves on Saturday were better because they were breaking on the Bombora.  "The what?" ..."the Bombora, ... off Queenscliff beach, you know where you can see the waves breaking out at sea sometimes", he replied.  OMG!!!!  A new fabulous word AND one that relates to big waves...I gotta find out about this!!!!!

Bombora is an indigenous Australian term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow area such as a submerged rock shelf, reef or sand bank that is located some distance from the shoreline and beach surf break.  The fabled Queenscliff bombora breaks about 1km out to sea when the swell hits 3metres.

And I saw it!  Fan-freakin-tastic

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