Monday, June 21, 2010


Smith had his 4 year old shots today - my angel child didn't even flinch, stoic in the knowledge that this short amount of pain was going to secure him a trip to the "Skeleton Dinosaurs" or as most people know it, the Australian Museum which happens to have a large dinosaur collection.  There's a great kids space kind of thing fill of dinosaurs and bugs - Smith Heaven.  So we're sitting having a play with the toy dinosaurs.  Actually Smith has a very in depth game going on - no mummy involvement required thank you very much.  In other words "don't Mum, I'm playing this all by my own".  So I'm, ok, I'm TEXTING alright???   You got me.  When another child and his mother comes along and sits beside us, and start playing.  But THIS mummy is actually playing with her child and making lots of dinosaur noises, and educational observations about dinosaurs, which I just know were directed at me.  And my phone.  I sneak my phone back into my bag and attempt to play with Smith again ("Too little too late, Lady", I can see the other mother thinking).  Smith then gives me the "I told you to sod off mum" look.   I give up.  We were happy before the other mother came and imposed her Parenting 101 requirements on me - You must attempt to play with your child at all times, and look for opportunities for personal development, education and growth.......

Well what would you have done?

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  1. Relax!! - How many times have you been the 'Fat Controller' or 'Henry' - countless .. and you loved it! Are you sure those weren't looks of envy she was giving you.