Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Owning up.

Tonight we had Rafe's swimming but as luck would have it someone had an "accident" in the pool just before his class so swimming was cancelled, with us driving back home and me trying to explain how a school age child could have a poo in his swimmers when the toilet was mere steps away.  I tried explaining about "sha-rts" (god I love that word) but Will wisely said, "Mum, he's confused enough already". was twilight and brought back memories of when I used to train with my lovely outdoor training group Pinkfit.  One night, there was a new member in our group, and I noticed she was pregnant, so by way of chit chat as we were running, I asked "when are you due?".
Gulp.  You know where this is going?
Almost as soon as the words were out, I wanted to scream at myself "I'm not someone who asks that question!.  Ever.  Unless I've seen either the ultrasound pix or the baby.  Ever".
And sure enough, she answered "My baby is 6 months old now"
And she never came back.
I thought it would help to get this off my chest, but it's just made me feel crap again.

Been there, done that?


  1. I have found a new bloggylove - thanks to your comments on my blog about shits in public toilets.....oh the stories I could tell. Also my mum telling my pal (who was holding her 7 month old baby at the time "Änd you are expecting again?"

    I think we have found a kindred spirit in each other. xo

  2. Hey welcome Mrs Woog, I think I'm you're number one fan! Thanks for dropping by! And Peeps, you really need to check out Mrs Woog at