Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So Will's asking me if I believe in myths, I'm in our normal dinner/homework warzone chaos so kinda reply, "ah, yeah I believe in ghosts" (coz I do, right Sister?), he said "what about the Black Shadow?" - thinking he was meaning some kind of action comic baddie, I said "nah".  He said, "well you should, I saw it in this house".
My interest is now piqued.  Dramatically.
"When?" I ask nonchanlantly (yeah right!).
" Remember last week when I came into your room in the middle of the night?  Well I saw it in my room, a big black shadow standing by my clock, with it's arm's kind of outstretched,  just looking at me."  he said.
"Hmmm", I replied thoughtfully, "Now on with your homework bud".



  1. Off topic here, but your comment on my post today made me spit out my wine... u is a funny gal! xo

  2. Nah!!! You define funny Mrs Woog! Ta for dropping by again!

  3. that's freaky. Maybe he's got the "gift" too!