Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fess Up

I'm a dreadful baker.  I don't lust after a cherry red Kitchen Aid, I make Betty Crocker Chocolate Brownie birthday cakes, decorated with smarties.  I have one banana bread recipe that works (because I realised that you can't live in Australia without having a banana cake recipe)  I just don't have that baking gene.  I have no interest.

So it's election day and the school band (which Will is a member of) are running a fundraising BBQ and ....cake stall.  I put my hand up for a time slot on the barbie - sweet as!  I can put together a bacon and egg roll as well as the next person.  It's just my contribution to the cake stall that's giving me a little grief.  So in my time worn tradition, I pop to a bakery NOT TOO CLOSE to school (I don't want to get busted that easily), buy some home made'ish looking baking, REPACKAGE it, and pop on the cake table along with the other home made goodies.

OK, seriously, who HASN'T done this?

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  1. Have you read the book I Don't Know How She Does it? I think she buys mince pies from M&S in ENgland. She bashes up the edges a bit, sprinkles a bit more icing sugar on the top and hey presto!
    And you know what...? At least you remembered to send something along. I forgot. I did send my husband to help move the band stuff from Yat to Kemp. Does that count...?