Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Truth Hurts

Will looked hard at my face the other night.

 "You're face has got all wrinkley Mum.  I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, I'm just telling the truth.  You should put that stuff on your face that you see on TV".

Admittedly it was after a girl's weekend of too much wine, late nights and rugged outdoorsy cold temperatures in Hobart.  But seriously?

The truth does hurt.


  1. lol. You're a funny gal. I recall YEARS ago when the girls started school Teän was stroking my arm saying "Mummy you have such beautiful skin... it's just like Isabella's (stunning girl with Asian mother, caucasian father)...
    Ah, how sweet, I thought...
    "...only Isabella's skin isn't so wrinkly..."
    the truth does hurt.
    But you are gorgeous! Healthy, fit and a little stunner - there IS beauty in age. :-)

  2. awww I'm glad Monte can't talk yet!!! you are a beauty don't dare start thinking botox (just reading through your posts ahead too!!) don't fall into that trap that a twisted society is making normal - you are beautiful just as you are!!
    BTW for some reason your blog was not coming up in my reader I hope i have amended - enjoying catching up - not sure why it hasn't been appearing???!