Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Story

Have you ever felt you were in a love story.  A love story perfectly scripted to create the right elements of drama, suspense, heart tugging and emotion pouring gorgeousness.
Has that ever been you?
It was my life for a brief, amazing, terrifying time.  I felt like I was out of a scene of the ultimate tragic love story, The Bridges of Madison County.  There is a scene where it's raining, and the love torn character Meryl Streep is sitting in a car with her unsuspecting husband at a red traffic lights.  As chance would have it, her lover and her soul mate, Clint Eastwood is sitting in the car in front of them, about to turn and reluctantly drive away from her and from her life.  She sits with her hand gripped around the door handle, willing herself to leave her safe life as a wife and mother, to a life of love.  The light turns green, his car waits at the green light, he doesn't move.  She moves to open the car, her  husband sits on the horn complaining. As if with a sigh, Clint's car turns and drives on, out of her life for ever.  She had a chance.  She didn't take it.
I had a moment like that in my life once.  It was that dramatic.  And this sort of stuff simply doesn't happen to me.
I opened the car door.
Now my drama is over.  My life is no longer that beautiful love story.  It's a different story.  It's comfortable, it's warm, it's happy.  But it's still a love story.  Just without the drama.
Does this sound familiar?

I have found and fallen in love with a new love story.  This time I am a happy observer.  It's the story of Jason and Megan, a couple who met, fell in love, only to have life and existing plans intervene six months into their new relationship, with Megan heading to Ethiopia for a pre-arranged year of volunteering. They are now living a long distance romance.  And capturing their love story on two flip pocket video cameras - one in Sydney and one in Ethiopia, and posting their clips on Facebook.  Now it helps that Jason is an award winning short film producer, but what makes the footage gold, is that we are privy to the rawness of their love and how much they miss each other.  Please, please, please click on this.  And then if you want to watch more, go check out them here on Facebook and watch more of their incredible footage.  Being a complete sucker for a love story, I cried buckets.
But I'm also a realist.
You can see that this fabulous and brave couple will finish their year apart and create a shared life together, in the same location.  They will easily have a future, their lives will be together.  And hopefully something nice will come to them for sharing this with us.
And one day, like me, their drama and trauma will be replaced by comfort and ease.  And their love story will be a different one, comfortable, warm and happy. And still a love story. Just without the drama.  But moulded by the journey they took to get there.
And I wish them all the best.

Sometimes it's nice to remember where you came from as a couple.
And to think of your own special and unique story.

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