Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wise Words

Nike nailed it when some really clever person in their branding department came up with the "Just Do It" slogan.  And even though it has become a bit of a cliche, it still works right?
So here's my potential dilemma.  I like to compete even though I'm not really a competitor.  The triathlon on Sunday is a perfect example.  I knew my swim was going to be only a little average, I've done 2 stroke correction classes.  And I knew that the days of riding the ancient mountain bike were over.  The Husband and I ordered new road bikes on Saturday. I went into my ride knowing my old girl was riding her last ever event.  So really I started the race sub par on training and on equipment.  And before this sounds like an excuse, I know in my heart of hearts that even with the most state of the art gear and committed training, I won't ever really be a competitor.
But fact is I like doing it, I like doing events, even though I know success is finishing and hopefully improving my times.  I just like doing it.
So my choice is to do it averagely (even though it's my best), or not do it at all.  Like forever.  And that option simply isn't an option for me.  Because for me I love the anticipation, the focus, the getting my shiz organised, and I crave the feeling after I'm done.  My pride isn't too big to swallow.
I have a gorgeous friend Ashley.  Now Ashley IS a competitor, and a serious one at that.  I think in a recent event she came 9th in a field of 1000.  And she encourages me.  I saw her during the race on Sunday (where she came 12th I think, see what I mean, serious!), and she still had the time to chat as she lapped passed me on the bike, and high five me as she passed me on the run.  Afterwards, in a brief chat, I said how much I'd hurt doing the hot and humid event, and she said "yeah, but you feel great now though!"And it's true.  My friends respect me more for having a go than for not.  There is comradery.  I make no apologies.  I am what I am.
I could regale you with funny stories of the swim (where I wasn't the last out of the water, but I wasn't far off), and the eel I saw during the swim, and the glug I swallowed and not being able to get my top on during the transition, but this is not a self effacing story.  This time.  Because this story is all about me saying it's ok, to not be the best, and it's ok to not be a serious competitor.  But it's absolutely NOT ok to NOT do something because of these reasons.
So if you are in doubt because you're worried you might "embarrass" yourself, or that you can't do it, think of me, think of all of the others like me (though god knows where they were on Sunday during my tri!), and think of Nike's words.
Just Do It.  Seriously.


  1. Perfectly put! And while I totally agree - I am definitly not inspired to do it myself! Go you.

  2. I am doing it! And thanks for your post it is inspiring me while my mind fills with reasons why I can't!!!!

  3. Nike is getting a lot of kudos lately. Just do it is my motto too. I am so chuffed when I achieve my goals I want to do a Dora dance at the end (for those not in the loop, Dora shakes her hips and sings I DID IT, I DID IT!)