Thursday, October 7, 2010

One for the boys.

I went to a movie last night.  It was a chick flick.  Ok it was Eat Drink Pray (which for the record was fine, but I didn't like the book much - make that, I didn't like the author much who I thought came across as a bit hmmm...smarmy - goodbye half my Peeps who love her, see you next post hopefully!).  Anyhoo, it was a fundraiser for a fabulous cause, organised by beautiful women.  We were a theatre full of women with an odd bloke thrown in for good measure.

Which got me thinking - there seems to be all these fabulous girly kind of resources for us to find ourselves, help others, participate in shared sisterhoods for awesome causes (think Pink anything and we all think of Breast Cancer causes) or just inwardly analyse ourselves (hmm, think any girlie/parenting website/blog/mag) and we are sorted and supported to the hilt.  Now I'm guessing that a big chunk of you folks are girls and a good chunk are boys.  But do you reckon I chat in a more girlie way?  Do I cater more more the sistas than the brothers? I've never really thought about it, I think of myself as androgynous (and yes I did need to look up the spelling) but then hello, look at my last post.  Guilty.

So why is this?
Are woman more thoughtful and inward looking than blokes?  Bollocks.  In my house, I'm the one likely to be cruising aimlessly , watching crap TV and not being in the moment than The Husband.  He's the one doing his own thinking and planning and encouraging me to do the same.  It's just not that transparent.  He does it matter of fact, no flowers and flouncy stuff.

Is it bloke's don't have as much time as girls to spend the time cruising the web for insightful websites, pondering books or chatting with friends about life's purpose?  Bollocks again.  We are all busy.  And if we want to find the time we will.  There are 24 hours in a day.  I think its that blokes are more "cut to the point/what by when?" types of creatures.  The Husband talks to me sometimes as if we are in a business meeting.  We don't have an agenda but we might as well sometimes, although The Husband has been known to bark (lovingly) when we are talking "what's next?" He just doesn't need all the superfluous words I use to describe things.  He talks in bullet points.

Is it that blokes feel they can fix themselves and girls like to do any fixing in a pack?  We tend to share our dramas, to talk it over, to seek affirmation of our feelings, it may take a little longer but maybe it's just what we need to do to do our stuff.

Is it just that woman are better catered for than men?  Maybe.  Where's the brotherhood?  Movember?  I dunno so I did a quick look on the web for mens type of groups, blogs and found it a bit scary.  This doozy is all about reaching "Alpha-males" out there and providing insight into how they can "take control of their sex life" and "make $1million in an hour" (I must go back and read that article)
And then I earnestedly started looking, googling "Male, bloggers, most popular" (gay sites), "men, bloggers, popular" (how to groom, tech'y stuff), "men, blogs, inspiration" (how to run a half marathon/marathon/ironman when you've lost a leg/had a heart attack).  Then in desperation "inspirational blogs for men" (nazi germans, seriously).  And believe me, a lot of websites thought that men would all feel a lot more fulfilled by looking at pictures of pretty girls.  In their swimmers.

Where is the good stuff totally dedicated to men?

 Maybe blokes don't need to "go places"online to do their thinking and self analysis, maybe they are more pragmatic than us girls and eek it out where they can, whether that be with friends, in front of the sports, on self help'y websites, on any blog or in the shower.  Once again...I dunno?
I just love anyone stopping by and reading my blog, and I will put the effort in to make my posts a little more gender neutral.
But maybe boys if you do know of anything just for the boys that maybe helpful or just plain interesting, and that others may feel like looking at, pop up a comment.  Share it guys!

Postscript:  Did anyone notice how many "maybe"'s I included in this post?  Maybe I'm just trying not to offend anyone!

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