Sunday, November 21, 2010


I know I have just written about this recently.  If I wasn't so rushed I would be looking back at my old posts and finding it to make sure I'm not repeating what I wrote last time.  But I don't have enough time. Actually I'm not sure if I even want to because I'm sure it was full of positive, affirmative action plans.  Which I haven't done.

I am always rushed, never more so than I am at the moment with house guests.  I'm looking at my week and seeing not a smidge of down time.  I know a few of you may be going - "she looks like a stay-at-home mum, she has no idea of what "busy" is".  But I do, because when I worked, not so long ago, I was absolutely rushed before and after work, but in between, I sat calmly at my desk, being calm.  And even a little peaceful.
But now my world is often manic.  Admittedly with nice, fun, hardly brain taxing stuff, but I still am rushing from one thing to the next.  Sometimes I am filled with guilt and regret for what I don't have time to do.  Like writing for example.  I have a list of writing projects as long as my arm, but  I never seem to have time to really commit decent blocks of my time to my writing.  It drives me bananas that I don't prioritise stuff that I really really want to do ahead of the stuff that I either need to do, or feel like I have to do.  Am I just a poor time manager, am I sloppy, what's wrong with my formula?
And worse thing is I have an aura of rushing. I always look rushed and harried.  I don't want that look.  I want to ooze serenity and calmness.
How do you make it work?  What's your secret?  What am I doing wrong?
I'm actually going to commit to shifting my world a little so I prioritise and time managed more sharply.  I'm going to breathe deeper and smile more widely.  Actually make that just smile more.
For a start.

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