Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank YOU

There are many fabulous bloggers out there with hundreds of followers, massive stats, competitions, ad's and probably a bit of a revenue stream.  They are brilliant and funny and savvy.
I'm not one of them.
I'm random, I sometimes put too much out there (although I do have my own rules about what's ok and what's not), sometimes I lose my mojo and don't write for a bit.  But I always try and write about stuff I care about.  My own internal quality control is always "am I proud of this piece, is it 100% me?"  If it's borderline crap, then I'm not in my zone, and I have a break.
I could take a chance and get amongst it a bit more, get busy, get more public.  Maybe I should.  Maybe I will.

What I know is that I'm so lucky to have you guys.  I will always be massively grateful for the fact you stop by my blog for a few mo's and have a read, and keep me company.  I know some of you have been with me since the start (hi Kate!) and I know some of you are new to my blog.
I am deeply thankful to you all.

I have just reached a baby milestone with my blog and I'm going to take a wee breath and a moment.
Seriously, it's all because of you.  Because, when I write, I picture you reading this.  And I'm hoping that you feel a little of whatever I have felt when I've written it.
It's all for you.


  1. You're such a fab writer Lisa. I look at your blog frequently and admit to being a little bit disappointed if there's nothing new (which is hardly ever the case as you seem to keep up to date!).
    Keep doing what you're doing; so many of us really enjoy it (even if we don't always have time to comment, or something eloquent to say).

  2. Love it Lisa and right back at ya. MWAH xx

  3. here's one reading in Ukraine :-)

  4. Thanks everyone!!!! I'm feeling the love!

  5. I feel very much the same towards my own blogging! Nice to have found your blog :)