Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Those of you who know me will be aware that an increasing awareness of my own mortality age, is a regular theme of my posts.  Although I'm not feeling my age, I'm starting to look my age, and sure as eggs I've been watching that calendar and I know that time is flying, and me along with it.  I think it's a realisation that NOW is the time.  Now is the time for me to be at my fittest, my healthiest, to be focused on making happiness a non-negotiable, to be productive, to use my potential.  To fly.

I'm not troubled by this, I'm just conscious of it.  And perhaps a little bit jittery about making the most of now.  And sometimes I stumble across evidence of time racing.  Like yesterday I was listening to my favourite radio station, and the talkback was on.  A little old lady sounding listener called in to wish her husband a happy 60th wedding anniversary.  She had one of those little old lady voices.  I had a lightbulb moment.
I no longer have any little old lady (or man) sounding voices in my life, apart from on the radio.  I have no more Nanny or Grandy's, Nana or Grandad's, or Aunty Aggie's.  But I can hear their voices like I still did.
My world has lost it's "oldies" and a new generation is growing into that title and those voices.  My Dad's generation.  Generations are transitioning, which means I'm no longer that 13 year old girl going to my grandparents for Sunday dinner.  To my kids, my dad's voice is now an oldie voice.  Which means my generation is a step closer up the rung.  And so is my Dad's.
And isn't there something lovely and comforting in listening to oldie voices.  They bring back memories of childhood, simple lives, home baking and no responsibilities. And opportunities, with the world at our feet, even though we didn't know it.

I miss my Oldies.


  1. beautiful post Lisa- I am going to share this. I know what you mean xx

  2. I'm lucky all the grandparents I was born with are still alive, although unlucky in the sense that I never see them and talk seldomly as one has dementia, one has fibrous lungs and is on 24hr oxygen and my poor 87yr old grandmother is his 24hr carer so is too exhausted to talk. I feel like such a bad grand daughter being so far away and I do have so many lovely memories of days spent at the tennis and cricket club with my grandparents and afternoon tea being served bang on 3 o'clock! I must make more effort to find ways of appreciating and connecting with them even from this distance.
    On the topic of age...I was delighted last weekend when I got asked for id so I could buy some alcohol at the supermarket. Made my day although Im sure I really do look my age!!!! x

  3. i myself have found myself feeling the same way lately... Time is passing by and sooner or later i will not have any "oldies" in my life much longer. its time for me to spend more time with them now i have them and make more memories to share with the next generation coming up behind me. (new blogger and now a new follower)

  4. What a lovely post. Gave me a little chill, with all that talk of being one step up the ladder, but also instantly brought back my Grandma's voice. Thank you.

  5. I miss them too. I think my parents and LOML's parents are about five years away from the 'oldies' bracket, but right now we are bereft. It's a sad state in our society that our oldies are really quite invisible. x

  6. That has really made me think about oldies. It's true, when you lose your grandparents, there is a gap that is hard to fill, and it's not one that immediately you think "oh, I must go out and find me some new oldie to talk to".
    It's sad that the oldies have been overtaken by Google as a source of information, I suppose. I used to ring my Mum or Grandma if I needed to know something, now I just google it.
    Thanks for making me think...
    Visiting from FYBF!

  7. Lovely post. I think about this kind of thing a lot. I'm quite lucky I have two nannas still around, but maybe not for much longer. Isn't it funny,the way things change when they feel like they should be the same?