Sunday, January 9, 2011


Gawd, this guy is a complete perv/nutter/weirdo and by no means am I endorsing his pervy/nutty/weirdness - but if the words fit.... (and please tell me you didn't listen to the whole song?).

Happy 2011 everyone, I hope it's been a lovely, relaxing, recharging break.  I think I said in my last post I just wanted to hang (mostly), run (regularly, especially with my super serious coach (aka The Husband) home for the chrissie break) and write (nope, none of that), so I have achieved some of my holiday goals.  I also managed to eat almost two christmas cakes on my own (The Sister and her family sadly had to cancel at the last minute their trip to Sydney to have Christmas with us, so all the surplus stock had to be eaten), I seemed to be drinking night on/night off, I ate plentifully and have enjoyed a break from my tuna/poached egg combo's (I think most of my family have enjoyed that break too) and I have inhaled easy holiday reads late into the night and early in the morning (I don't think The Husband has enjoyed that part).

But with two weeks gone of this new year, what's in store for your year?

For me...
Get my littlest fella happily and easily settled into school.
Get my other guys into a happy school groove
Write, feverishly, with commitment, focus and passion 
Go to NZ in March and run 42km from Wanaka to Arrowtown  somewhere not too far behind my oldest and dearest friend
Explore Japan with The Husband on a 15 day extended date night
Nurture my friendships
Earn some cash
Procrastinate about getting a tattoo
Find a purpose, focus and run hard after it
This is my year folks.  Now is the time.

Is it your year too?

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