Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Days

Four years ago today in Queenstown, overlooking Lake Waikatipu, and under the dusky pink Remarkables, surrounded by those we loved, The Husband and I got married.  His mother married us, his father was the best man, my sister held my baby, and my two big boys helped give us our rings.  It was a glorious, love soaked day.  Three days later, we boarded a flight to Sydney with our boys and our life packed up.  With a last glance up at the Remarkables, we left the mountains and arrived at the beach at Manly.
Each year since, the nature of the Husband's work, meant we were in a conference the week leading up to our anniversary, which always resulted in too much fine wine and dining.  On our anniversary night, with relief we'd agree to have a quiet night at home with a takeout.
But a new year and a new role has meant no conference, but in the spirit of starting a new tradition, we're going to do something special on our anniversary tonight.  It's not a fancy meal, or a bottle of expensive wine, but a swim in the surf and a walk on the beach.
I love hearing how people celebrate their anniversaries, one gorgeous couple we know always eat Italian on their anniversary because they went to Italy for their honeymoon, another always buy a piece of original art - their walls are now covered in beautiful art brought with love.
What do you do to celebrate a special anniversary or day?

Because I don't know about you, but our life has become very much about our kids.  Sure, we try our best to get as much "us" time, physically and emotionally, but the reality is that it's hard right?
But isn't a wedding anniversary the best time to just look at each other and think "I chose you.  It's you I love.  This is us".

Love is all you need.

Postscript:  The "Marry Me" photo was the proposal I scrawled out in the sand on a remote, driftwood strewn beach on New Zealand's East Cape.  Happily, he said "yes'.


  1. Nice one - enjoy your surf! We normally go out for a yummy dinner at a restaurant we've never been. We both love food and enjoy cooking together... our ideal is to be served something delicious by the water... still have to figure out where that will be this year??

  2. For a wedding gift my hubby and I got a gorgeous concrete statue/figurine thing which was a couple who made a love heart between them .. sounds weird but is very cool! So every year we bought a figurine/statue thing to represent what was happening in our lives. pregnancy, family etc ... My Hubby passed away last year and our last anniversary I didn't buy anything, I am now on the hunt for a Man Angel and will continue the tradition every year even without him.

  3. Love the foodie idea Claire and what a beautiful idea Tracy, good luck in your search for your lovely angel, I bet it finds you.