Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Baby

I don't often talk about myself on my blog - WHO AM I KIDDING?  It's always about ME!
Anyhow, I went to ground last week.  My littlest guy Smith, started school today, and I just wanted to have a special week with my wee buddy, no blog calling out to me, no Facebook to lurk on.  Just me and Smith.

All those parents who have been through the experience of their youngest starting school will totally get me, you're all nodding your heads right now aren't you?  Because the reality is, this special time at home is over, they are now officially growing up and away.

Smith is divine.  He has a cool wee personality, he is funny, he is sensitive, he is my baby.  We went fishing, just him and I (although I don't DO bait, and there is a reason why people don't fish with stale bread rolls), we made up a game called Apple Pear (which other people would think of as balloon volleyball), we meandered slowly around the aquarium, we played bugs, we played dinosaurs, we watched a programme about Killer Whales, we swam and swam and swam.  We just hung.
Such precious, precious time.

One evening Smith got in trouble with us, he took himself upstairs away from us.  Upstairs is the play area, it's always a moshpit of toys.  I'm forever nagging the boys to tidy it up.  We were sitting downstairs, we heard a loud crash, kinda like someone falling down the stairs, we didn't hear any tears or crying so we carried on what we were doing.  5 minutes later, Smith came to me and asked me to go upstairs because he had something to show me.  He took me into the play area.
The whole floor had been cleaned and toys put away in their right spots.  By now I started to get a little teary (happened a lot last week).
"Did you tidy this up buddy"
Slow dawn of realisation.
"Did you fall down the stairs?"
"Yes.  I was rushing to show you because I knew it would make you happy, and I fell.  So I went into my bed and cuddled into my blankets until I felt better and could stop crying".

I called out for everyone to come and look and hear his story.  I think his 2 older brothers and definitely his Mum and Dad gulped back the tears.

I will always have that image in my head.

He's our special boy.

And I will alway, always check out any sounds of children crashing down stair cases from now on.  And yes I do feel stink.


  1. That photo is a keeper!! Lovely story!!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh bless the wee fella! It brought a tear to my eye and a laugh to my soul.....

    It's so easy to take forgranted the time you have with them before they start school, Leo only has around a year and a half until he goes. xx

  3. Smithie you gorgous wee man, that rocks! Hope school lives up to expectations and the big boys look out for you.xx

  4. What a gorgeous son that you have!

  5. Thanks everyone, he's had a great week, even if his mother needs to carry him everywhere outside school hours coz I can't put him down!

  6. Oh wow that's so gorgeous. I have two schoolboys (since last week) now too! It's such a change from having one at home to them both being gone even if it's not that far up the road.