Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What makes you pop?

I used to be a shocker for using cliches at work.  What was the name of that game where if in a meeting you'd listen for all the cliches that tossers like me used (boardroom bingo?)- in my banking world, it was words like customer experience, workshopping, whiteboarding, brain dumping, integration, satisfiers, get the drift.  I'd start off using them rampantly, and then back off while I heard everyone else using them, but then faced with the conundrum, that no other word actually worked quite as well, I'd be back at it again, but this time with no semblance of originality.

But there's a new word on the block.  First off, I was like "Nah, that is so Project Runway/Masterchef, I don't see how I can ever use it".  But slowly and tentatively, and of great surprise to me after my initial cynicism, I've started using it.  First off I tried it on my kids "if you just put a map of Australia on that slide it will really make the whole presentation "pop", buddy.  Then more confidently in discussions with the other mum working on the class art project "we really just need that brighter shade of red on the flowers to make it 'pop" more...".  And suddenly I'm looking at my drab grey, khaki self in the mirror thinking, "I really just need a pop of colour to make this outfit work a little better...".

It's everywhere.  Everything and everyone has started "popping".  I really don't want to have to use it, but it seems to just work.  Have you "popped" yet  or are you in denial and trying hard not to?

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