Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Work it.

Once a week, Will plays in a community band.  It's at 5.30 on a Wednesday evening, after 2 soccer practices and chess club.  Thank goodness for the lovely Antje whose son also plays in the band and we share the driving, although more often than not she takes pity on me and drives both ways.  It's one of the tough moments of my week when I say to my two younger boys "we've got to pick Will up from band tonight".  Yup, that's right up there with "we've got to take Will to hockey practice".
Anyhow, on this particular night, there was no Antje, which meant we had to stay and listen.  Which was lovely for me, but less lovely for the brothers.  Nearing the end, Smith took it on himself to break out some of his moves.  I know I should have stopped him. But would you?

I could say that this video is all about freedom of expression, or the joys of childhoods yet constrained by self consciousness, or the power in music.  But that's all complete bollocks.
Really I just wanted to show my son dancing on my blog.  

PS. The karate chop moves are actually called The Shark.  
PSS Will features as trumpet on The Eye of The Tiger.
PSSS.  Ok, as you were, light fluffy post done.  
And for any creepy perves thinking you may do something inappropriate with this, sod off, you're not welcome here. 

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