Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I had a long run yesterday with my lovely friend Mia and by the time I got home and faffed for a bit, then headed for the shower I was a bit chilled and knackered.  That first hit of hot water was perfection.  I've been doing a bit of running recently and this shower satisfaction is not a new phenomenon.  First hot water hit, instant gratification.  Instant pleasure.
Which got me thinking, what sensations give pure pleasure, now I'm not talking "enjoyment" here but pure and instant pleasure?  A quick web search on what pleasure means was either sexually connotative (and don't get me wrong, I'm all for that kind of pleasure, but just not in this post) or a bit lame, and didn't seem to capture the essence of my point.  Which is, those (for want of a better word) "things" that trigger a short and temporary hit of sheer delight. 

Here's a few of mine;
The first slug of water when you're parched
The first instance of seeing each of my children in the morning - it's like that "oh, that's right, I'm a mum" moment.
Toilet, busting - no more detail needed here.  You got it.
Hearing rain on the roof, especially waking to rain on a morning when you don't have to be anywhere.
The smell of butter and onions or bacon frying
The theme track to your favourite programme starting when you're in your trackies and slippers curled up on the couch waiting.
Clean sheets on the bed on a Sunday night
Crossing the finishing line on an event - which is always a little of "thank god I finished this friggin thing/I did it/I get to have a wine tonight".
That first inhale of spring flowers on sale at the fruit shop during winter.
The first mouthful of chocolate.
Diving under the first wave on a hot day
The "pfffsssstt" when you open a can of Diet Coke (although after 2 and a half years without having one, that memory is dimming).
The sound of deep convulsive belly laughing by my kids
The feel of sinking back into bed after a 3am loo visit (and knowing you've still got heaps more time to sleep). 
The first rumble of thunder.

What's your pleasure?

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