Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sometimes there are too many boys in my house.

Like now.

Boys watch rugby with glazed looks which prevent them hearing other chaos going on in the house.
Boys smash up beds in play fights which their mother has carefully made with love.
Boys sleep in bedroom  that look like this and then wonder why they don't have a good nights sleep
Boys think it's ok to go to bed with Cottees Ice Magic smeared around their face.
Boys pull out their weights bench and do weights in the middle of your tidy lounge, with the rugby on and with glazed faces (oblivious to the carnage upstairs)
Boys leave skid marks on your freshly cleaned toilets or leave guilt free drops of wee on the floor
Boys leave their undies inside their inside out jeans they've pulled off and left on their bedroom floor
Boys go into their younger brothers bedrooms to continue smash'em up fighting games when the youngest is clearly going to sleep
Boys leave lego everywhere.
Boys never see mess.
Boys never can see when I'm in a mood.

You know I like to finish my posts with a feel good statement.  Sorry folks, not today.  Not today.

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