Monday, August 22, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things ...

I've just had a massive clean up, I call them "audits" when I go through my house room by room and clean up all the bits and crap and stuff.  Then when each room has been "cleansed", I mentally shut the door on it and vow that it will forever stay in this condition and that if anyone even thinks of leaving a soccer sock or a piece of lego or half a McDonalds toy lying around, their life will simply be not worth living.  Of course this state only lasts until the first sock/lego/McDonalds toy is left around, soon to be joined by any others, then 6 months rolls around and the process starts again.

However this morning as I was virtuously dusting I came across a couple of precious little knick knacks that my Nana left to me.  My sister and I used to stay at our grandparents house often when our parents were on a bender or had had enough of us, or both.  These visits always meant my sister and I shared a big bed with massive rubber pillows (we called them "boing boing" pillows as there was no chance our heads could penetrate and leave any indentation), the Sister would tell me ghost stories and I would need to go to the loo in the dark at least 4 times thanks to the milky, warm milo we would have had before bedtime.  And for breakfast we would ALWAYS gag over the wet soggy toast corners we'd be forced to swallow (usually choking with silent but convulsive laughter) due to the fact our grandparents boiled their jug right beside the toaster.  Along with an enviable collection of the most fabulous 1940's dresses we'd dress up in, Nana and Grandad had a "good" room that seemed the height of luxury, with all Nana's best bits in pride of place.

Now the Sister is notorious for using her status as the "Eldest" for claiming all the best stuff (hi Sister, you know I'm saying this with warmth and love), and my 8 year old self, must have mentioned to Nana that I would "really like that ballet slipper" when she died.  Charming.  They must have had an adult  chuckle over my nerve, because before long, my name was secured on the bottom of my ornament.  The fact that the Sister scooped the lovely art deco'y plates and oak blanket box didn't worry me when they both passed away, as I got my ballet slipper.  And the reason why this is one of my favourite things is the fact it has my Nana's handwriting on it.  Captured forever, to be passed to my children and theirs - not the ornament so much , but the handwriting.  The Sister has a book of mum's recipes, we both get comfort from seeing our mum's very distinctive handwriting.  Here's a tip Peeps, keep something of your loved ones with their handwriting on it.  Ok?  That's really important.

My mum had a collection of dried flowers and leaves that she'd pressed in a large book.  I took a few of these and had them framed.  I love this.

And here's my Ted, he's almost 45 and in not bad knick!  He's always had womanly hips and thighs, and many have criticised him for that (you know who you are).  But he's having the last laugh, as other ted's with less padding around their hips are collapsing inwards, with their stuffing disintegrating, and being kept artificially supported by dresses or sleeping bag things that they've been forced to wear so they don't just turn into a head.  (once again, hi, you know you you are Edward Bear).  I once bawled my eyes out for my Ted as he swung wildly around with his ears pegged to the clothes line in a cold Dunedin southerly storm, after I'd puked on him one night.  I always swore I'd walk over coals for him, but now that I'm a mum, I'll probably save my soles for my kids.  But he still has pride of place on my bedroom chair.

What are your favourite things and why?


  1. My grandma left me her lady lamp and matching candlestix I will post a picture on my blog. The history of the lamp is that originally is was an ornament at the bottom of the newel post on her mothers stairs, even if this was a story its lovely.
    I also have a little paper back book my daughter bought from nursery school at a book fair, I cry each time I open it up, its called Geraldine's blanket! boo hoo!

  2. I was able to have Mum's silver locket which she always wore out to the club and there are alot of pictures of Mum having a good time with it on. It's not worth very much but I always feel like having a glass of wine when I wear it (which is awkward when I get in to work in the mornings!). I have other things from her (she passed away about 2 months ago) but the locket is the best.

  3. Lovely post. I still have my ted too!

    Visiting via the Rewind.

  4. Great post. My fave things are the first Valentine's card my husband (then boyfriend) gave to me 11 years ago (even though neither of us 'do' Valentine's Day!), a scrapbook album my mum made for me, and a ring she gave me on my wedding day, 'on behalf of' my dad who passed away when I was 12.

  5. I got my great aunt Lily's ring, it literally is my prized possession :)

  6. That picture, with the handwriting, brings a lump to my throat.

    My Granny had a huge collection of blue and white Wedgewood Jasperware. I always love love loved the little diamond shaped plate that she dropped her rings and bracelets onto at night time, at the side of her bed.

    When she passed away, that plate had a sticker with my name on. It's now at the side of my bed and I drop my rings and bracelets onto it night as I turn in.

    The best bit about it? The sticker with her handwriting on it...

    Thank you so much for linking up via the Weekend Rewind.