Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staking a Claim

Back in the groove after a week with only in-the-event-of-an-emergency internet access thanks to a downloaded movie and a zillion games of Roblix or whatever the game of choice for my boys is at the mo, that sucked up all our usage and means we have to pay $150 for every mb of data since last week.  A friend had a $4000 mobile bill after her child downloaded games internationally "but they were free Mum" so I'm running scared.

So last night,  I was doing my going-to-bed stuff, The Husband was already in bed , awake still, when I heard a suspicious noise downstairs.  "I just heard a noise downstairs"  I said to him, my tone loaded with "do something about it" nuances.  "The golf club is under the bed", he replied.

Is it just me or are there some things that are absolutely man jobs, not girl jobs, like checking out suspicious noises at night time.  I have a few that I have assigned to the Husband as "his".
Getting rid of any form of vermin larger than a cockroach (which I can easily sort with the vacuum) is a big one in our house.  This is definitely in my husbands job description, not mine, not a chance.  I once had to offer a weeks worth of sexual favours to get the husband to remove the possum asleep in the wheelie bin.
Pulling kids teeth is another.  It's a special time for the Husband and each boy (with about 60 teeth between the three of them to come out I'm not liking my chances of dodging this bullet.)  My eldest once came to me with a tooth hanging by a thread-like length of sinew, blood all over his teeth, saying "I shink shish ish ready to come out Mum".  I looked at it carefully for a moment, then shook my head saying "nah buddy, I reckon it will be good to go when Dad gets home from work though just lay off the apples today huh"

But problems start occurring when someone encroaches on someone else's "turf".  Like for example my free flow pantry and freezer system - push in and close the door quickly seems to work for both, and even though I'm quietly thinking, I must sort these one day, I'm still quick enough to call out "be careful" if any child or adult opens the freezer door. I've had 1kg packs of frozen mince/sausages land on my toes too many times to know it's just not a safe pass time to open my freezer door.  The Husband has been making noises under his breath about the freezer for a while, and has finally started with the "lets start eating the food from the freezer instead of buying more food" to freeze.  Great idea in theory, if the food was LABELLED or identifiable.  However it's not, so every night is Freezer Surprise for dinner, and even though I claim this as my patch, there is a satisfying feeling seeing light in my freezer again.

Do you have clear lines drawn in your jobs at home or they unspoken and implied (as I though personal safety was in ours).

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  1. Aren't all jobs around the house men's jobs? I certainly try to offload as much as possible. Sometimes I get away with it, other times I take up the household maid role. Sigh. I think taking out the garbage bins is definitely not a job I have ever done. Or mowing the lawns. Thanks for Rewinding. I hope you have sorted your freezer situation? OHS nightmare :-) x