Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little humble pie

According to the Dictionary for the Modern World," a 'humble brag' is a vain, bragging statement usually made on a social media that comes dressed in a thin veil of humility or depreciation.  A typical example "I totally just tripped on the Oscars red carpet! I'm such a dork" Bonus points if accompanied by a humble-yet-flattering pic.".

When I read this in the paper, my heart flew to my mouth.  Shite.  Guilty!  I am totally and innocently guilty of this heinous crime.  Did you all know I was doing it and were too ashamed in me to mention it.  My Facebook friends are all so gloriously supportive of me when I happen to mention any small achievements that I constantly bleet on about, yet all I am is a big old show-off.  I am embarrassed beyond belief.

But then, am I?

As friends don't we like to celebrate each others successes and commiserate in stuff that doesn't work out? I love social media for just that - a friends child's first crawl, a broken arm, a chance sighting of Brad Pitt, hell, I always love to give a high 5 or an online hug.

And it's all relative - someone's first 5km jog maybe as important as another finishing the New York marathon, and as friends we know how much each person's achievement has mean to that person regardless of it's magnitude.

I've had a couple of minor win's with my writing recently, and my little online community, as well as my real world are gorgeous in their praise and excitement  for me.  And I know it's genuine and completely heartfelt and I will forever be grateful to them for it.  Sure maybe there are some eye-rollers out there to, but hey, I can't see them nor know it's happening so whats the issue there?

So Peeps, please keep sharing the wins, if we can't celebrate success because suddenly it's not cool to, then I'm done with this online world, because for me, that's been one of it's biggest revelations - the joy and immediacy of sharing life's highs and lows.

I think humble bragging actually means this.....

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  1. I am the biggest 'win-sharer' there is Lisa and very proud of my achievements. It's important to brag a little, or a lot and my friends all say it manages to rub off on them so what's the harm? I would CERTAINLY be bragging about meeting Bob Geldof too!!!!