Thursday, February 16, 2012

I love my blog

I love that I have somewhere to go when the turkeys are getting me down and I can just get it all out.  Today started with the perfect blog post idea, but quickly once the reality hit, started to descend, or more accurately, free fall .  Lets just say there is nothing fun about a maggot falling from the ceiling and landing centimetres away from our child.  Nothing.  Actually stay tuned for a blog post called something like A Wildlife Incident of Biblical Proportions or something like that.

Anyhow, I was on a slippery slope to blahsville, when The Husband and I did a scheduled visit to our rental that in a couple of months will become our home, once we've turfed the tenants.  We brought it as a reno, a do-up with visions of gorgeousness and sophistication,  However lets just say 2x GFCs and a purchase of a business interest has put these plans on ice. Permanently.  However reality has knocked on our door, and we're shifting in, in all it's unrenovated, originalness.

We were both silent and sullen, as we measured and opened drawers and doors, looking for non-existent linen cupboards, all under the watchful eye of the tenant.  Sheesh.  We promised ourselves "licks of paint" and maybe some new curtains, and a square of carpet.  But still.

So here I am, lurking in Feeling Sorry For Myself City.  Over nothing in particular really.  Maggots will disappear (eventually, once the carcass has decomposed), we have a very nice roof over our head and many don't.

I think sometimes you just need a wallow, before you brush the dust off your pants and move on.

And often just writing about it and getting it off my chest is enough to stop the inertia and finish up my pity party.

You had a good day?


  1. Totally understand where youv are coming from xx

  2. I totally get that. You wouldn't be the first person to use their blog as cheap therapy. I've used mine to deal with big life issues - finding out I had a 16 year old half-brother in Thailand when my own son was 16. Dealing with a severely depressed son and the breakdown of a business partnership. Putting it out there to the universe and finding other people who've been in similar situations - it all helps.
    The maggots will go. The renovations will happen when it's time and you'll make that house a lovely home.