Thursday, February 9, 2012

Survival Mission

A party planner, I am not.  Happily, unequivocally, hand on heart'edly.  I am more than happy to fork over fricking ridiculously large amounts of The Husbands hard earned cash for my children to celebrate parties at Lollipops, Laser Strike, Rock Climbing or any other activity that charges $30 per head for 1.5 hours of "fun", a plateful of dodgy chicken nuggets, some stale looking fairy bread, and a jug of watered down cordial.

But some treacherous, malevolent evil wormed its way into my brain a few weeks ago, when I had the delightful idea of doing it myself this year.  And really, the Husband will be cool with my use of the singular here, promise you.

I'm not sure if this happened because the memories have dimmed of my eldest's 4th birthday party at home, with too many kids who were bored, and too many adults who stayed, and a home made Thomas the Tank Engine cake with waaaaaay too much food colouring/icing, and too much rain.

Regardless, tomorrow is my Smith's 6th birthday party, and keeping it stressful simple we are having a Man vs Wild party.  He's a Bear Gryllls fan, and we have a conveniently placed stream at the bottom of our street, that we have undertaken our own Man Vs Wild expeditions in previously.  I have a handful of "sort of"  ideas, especially after googling "Man Vs Wild, Party Ideas, Children", but really people who write blogs about their kids parties, and post photos of party food such as nuts in glass jars on brown papered picnic table, surrounded by artfully placed green moss (with the pics all instagram'edly blurred around the edges), haven't left it to the last minute like I have.

I think we'll be able to fill in 40 minutes tops with my activities, I'm not sure how long I'll keep up my Bear Grylls impersonation, and nope The Husband didn't offer to step in to do that either, nor what we'll then do in the forecasted rain/storms, but all I know is it's 3 hours in my life that I want to make a bloody memorable 3 hours in his and his wee mates.

More to come soon...but you knew there would be.

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  1. My eldest son, Sam's sixth birthday party was the last I ever threw - including 21sts. I am permanently scarred from it. But don't let my experience put you off - you probably haven't invited the autistic boy who wants to spend the entire party playing with door handles or the younger brother of a boy who just cries for the whole afternoon. Oh, and you're probably not 7 months pregnant.

    Just tell me that they don't have to squeeze their afternoon drinks out of elephant dung.