Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gone Bush

Actually, thats a lie, in fact one of the camping grounds may even have a 'Big 4' in front of it, and I'm pretty sure that my blow up bed will only resemble the image above, in my shivering dreams.

We've loaded up the car so much that I was contemplating a mid afternoon dash to the Roof Capsule Shop to buy one of those roof capsule thingees to deal with the over flow, but seeing it's Sunday and a public holiday I figured I had as much chance of buying one as I do sleeping in the bed pictured.  Anyhow, by the time we hit the road I'm hoping The Husband will be talking to me again, just as I hope that the whole family will enjoy the camping table I brought that has filled up a decent share of the boot space.

And the best part - we're heading inland, with far cooler overnight temperatures than our already cool temperatures at home.  We all have new slippers though so can face the evening chill with warm toes at least (and if any of the kids attempt to wear their new slippers into the toilet block, I can't even begin to describe my reaction - camping ground toilets are right up there in my "Things that gross me out the most") Sadly it's not the middle of summer so I can't guarantee I'll be able to swim daily, therefore avoiding the toilet block and dreaded showers (with big wads of other peoples hair and black globs of yuck lurking in the corners).  I may attempt to go for for the whole time with no shower (and maybe the occasional sponge bath in the cleanliness of our tent), but as I need to churn out some decent runs, this could be unpleasant for all of us.

So, I'll be back in a week.  I'm hoping to see a little Country Australia, and some sheep.  I think the last place I saw sheep was New Zealand, and the Easter Show.

Have a good week Peeps, see you back here soon!

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