Monday, August 27, 2012

Hell Week

Can anyone remember how I moved house only 10 weeks ago, I got it all off my chest here?  Well there was always going to be another half to the story.  The part when we move out of the temporary Little House and into our home.
And that my friends is why you won't be hearing much from me this week.  And if you do you shouldn't be.  There are a few tension points coming up over the next 48 hours and I think it's important to share those, to give some perspective to whatever form my next blog post takes.

1. Will the  phone/internet connection be up and running.  Now I didn't spend an hour and a half of my day today ranting talking to "John" (from the Phillippines) or "Craig" (from the USA?) from my telecom provider Optus, to have it not working, because frankly that's an hour and a half of my life that I can't get back.

2. Will the tenants who are moving out of our home, have left it tidy with no holes in walls or blockages in toilets.  Relationships with both our property managers, and our tenants are very ....fragile.  We don't want any more boats rocking or the Husband WILL send the very nasty email he wrote, that I begged him to put in our draft email file until we had keys jangling in our hands.

3. Will the fugue that has settled over me when I realise that I actually need to pack up the Little House, dissipate so that I actually pack up our temporary life instead of watching the Farmer Wants a Wife.

4. Will the kids remain as optimistic and excited about the house as they are at the moment, and the reality of living in a do-up that's not going to get done up, doesn't hit home as hard as it has to their father and I.

5.Will our youngest, who is making murmurings of " I don't want to sleep on my own" and "I don't want my own room" and "I just want to sleep by you", not turn into the storm we think it could.  Because frankly bucko, there may not be enough room in our bed for even us.

6. The bed.  King size.  Possibly even super king size.  The question is, will it or won't it get up the stairs. Or will The Husband and I be placing a very acceptable, new'ish and expensive super king sized bed, out on the street for the next council clean up, and go shopping for a new much smaller bed instead.

My next blog post will read either "It did" or "It didn't"

Have you had any moving horror stories or do you just like reading other peoples?

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