Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's your thing?

One of my boys loves trains, we try and find train trips to take, but they're never often enough nor long enough.  But the last time we were near a train station, he shared a little insight into his interest.  "It's not the trains I like exacty, it's the railway lines.  I like the shape of the railway lines and how they disappear into the distance".

I got this.  He likes going on trains because he likes watching the railway lines....who would have thought?  I hadn't realised this.

Me, I love fonts.  My house is full of too many written things - American Typewriter and Stencil (for my boy's stuff) are my two favourites at the moment, and basic Courier.  I do like Courier.  I like the shape and well, the feel of a font.  The Husband said to me, when I was asking his opinion on where to hang some font'y kind of art work, "I don't really care, it's more your kind of thing than mine.  Just don't put it in the lounge or dining room".

My clever sister knows this about me, and I think shares the passion (along with our shared need for extreme weather/any weather - it's in our DNA).  For my birthday she gave me a fabulous book Just My Type by Simon Garfield.  Happy me!

I also love looking for heart shaped things, rocks, bark, shells, in fact  yesterday on a long wet walk along a beach, I even found a heart shaped piece of stinky seaweed.  If I hadn't been so sodden and miserable I would have got my camera out for a picture.

One of my besties loves maps, another crafty friend loves beautiful fabrics, my youngest collects sticks, another clocks.  We've all got something that tickles our fancy for reasons we're not sure why, nor care to analyse.  It's just our "thing".

What's your "thing"?

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