Thursday, May 2, 2013

The One Word You Never Want To Hear

This blog post is going to make me the talk of the school yard, I can hear you all whispering and snickering behind my back now...still, it's a tale that needs to be told.  Even if it is still in progress....

My youngest son is a small version of David Attenborough.  he even recognises David Attenboriughs voice and will come coming to the TV if not in the room.  He makes his own video versions of Monster Bug Wars .  Have a watch below if you have a spare 3.05 minutes.  Especially if you are a hot shot Hollywood producer looking for new talent.

Anyhow, this boy knows a LOT about animals and we all tend to believe anything that he says about them.

So last night was a sleepy evening and we were doing our last wind downs to bed.  I was pottering away in our study, and The Husband was maybe 3 steps closer to the kitchen than I was (important point - you'll see why soon), when there was an almighty shout from Smith (who'd got up from bed to get himself a drink of water).

"Mouse, MOUSE".

Once that word registered I screamed to The Husband to "Go help SMITH"!!!  Everyone had come running now.  Apart from me who was listening in the study for updates. "Where did you see it mate?", "Where did it run to?" "Are you sure?"  I came through and trembled as I quietly asked "how big was it Mate?".

Our hearts chilled when he held out his hands, not a teeny mouse sized space apart, but a decent foot (or two) apart.  It got worse.

"And it had a pink tale".

Chaos reigned as we screamed and the males in the house went running for cricket bats and brooms.  But with no joy.  The very-large-mouse-with-a-pink-take-thats-not-a-rat is still loose in our house somewhere.

And it gets even worse.  The Husband is away this weekend.  His role in our house has and will always be Vermin and Teeth Extraction - I go near neither.

I said to my 12 year old "You're going to be the man in the house this weekend buddy, vermin extraction is a "Man's Job" in this family.  Then looked at my 9 year old son, "and if he's not here, then it's all up to you mate".

There are times that it's good to have 3 sons.  If only they were not as whimpy as me.


  1. Aaaarrrrrgh! Hate rats, scared to death of them. Mouse are cute (have even had pet ones) but rats - eeewww! I hope it has moved out for your sake. We only got rid of them in our old house by putting rat poison in the roof. I didn't of course, the man of the house did. ;)

  2. I'd freak out too if I knew there's a mouse loose in the house! Hope the boys get to it.

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